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The Integrative Psychopathology and Personality Research (INSPIRE) Lab

Welcome to the INSPIRE lab website!

At the INSPIRE lab (directed by Dr. Takakuni Suzuki), we investigate the transdiagnostic and dimensional nature of psychopathology using multiple data collection and analytic methods. We are particularly interested in determining the emotional and social processes that underlie the difficulties experienced by individuals with psychopathology to identify areas that can be treated or trained to improve day-to-day functioning.

Traditionally, psychopathology has been defined within a categorical model, using labels that you may have heard, such as schizophrenia and personality disorder. However, research consistently shows that there are no clear boundaries across such categorical diagnoses and, rather, that there are a lot of overlaps across them (transdiagnostic). Further, these psychopathology difficulties are better characterized as extreme versions of normative experiences, that everybody could experience (dimensional).


Psychopathology is a very complex experience, which no one method can fully capture. Therefore, we use multiple measurement methods to gather information about people's experiences, particularly relying on questionnaires to understand subjective experiences and electroencephalogram (EEG) to understand the brain processes. We also gather information at different times, in the laboratory and in daily lives (ecological momentary assessment; EMA). These data are then subjected to various analytic methods to understand the nuances of people's experiences.


While our current research focuses on assessing and understanding human experiences, the ultimate goal of this line of research is to translate these findings into treatment or training programs to help improve the functioning of individuals affected by various forms of psychopathology.

Research aimed to understand the complex human experiences requires a team and collaborations with experts in various areas. See "Our Team" to find out who we are and who we collaborate with!

INSPIRE lab research team posing with one member wearing an EEG electrode cap

We investigate psychopathology from multiple perspectives. See the "Research" page to find out about our inter-related research areas!


Participate in Research

Coming soon...

We are currently setting up the laboratory to start conducting research. We will update this page with ongoing research study information!

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Future Students

The INSPIRE lab is expanding and will be recruiting graduate students and undergraduate students to join the lab. See "Future Students" to find out more about positions if you are interested in joining the team!

Programming Console

To assist those looking for any resources or to navigate the sea of information on the internet, please see the "Resources" page to find a list of resources that we find helpful.

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